September 30, 2012

  • Bright Copper Kettles

    Favorite treat! 
    Favorite DVD release…
    Best comic book movie since Wolverine. 
    That’s all I’ve got! At least for now. I wanted to fit something in before September was over. 
    I will work hard on my favorite things for next month, it should be easy since October has several of my favorite things in it! 
    BE SAFE! 

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  • My mouth is watering over that Riesen. There is a Belgian candy called “chokotoff” that is the same flavor but even better. I beg my in-laws to bring them home for me whenever they visit Belgium (that’s where they are from) and they do – but they think it’s funny, because in that country they think of them like we think of Tootsie Rolls – good, but nothing fancy. Mmmmmm!

  • I like The Avengers a lot, too.

    I keep thinking about running up to TC for a weekend. I’m just so tired!

  • @saintvi – I imagine you are! Busy lady! I’ll still be here for a long while. Maybe you will put me on your list for next summer. Maybe we can talk Beth into coming too?

  • Love your choices.  I really do need my candy bar or ice cream fix everyday.


  • Agreed on both accounts!

  • Hey Mornin Glorie…..if your giving out riesens for halloween I’m coming to Michigan   ilym

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