May 24, 2012

  • What was I thinking?



    I mean really? a post every day?

    I should have done one or two quality posts a week.

    That would be far better then these measly little microblogs I’ve been doing, right?

    Well, maybe tomorrow I will do something of quality. I’m not holding my breath though.

    Something exciting around our house, this year we brought home a few frog eggs instead of frogs and now we have tiny tadpoles swimming and eating in our pond.

    Tomorrow Cooper and I are getting our morning glory seeds so we can plant them, better late then never.

    Until then I will leave you with a picture from morning glories past.

    morning glory dew

    Hey, did I mention that it is now my second day of 40 and I’m still feeling fine.

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  • oh it is easy to do a blog a day.

    awesome pic!!!

  • a post a day was probably a bit optomistic. lol! love the morning glory shot!

  • @buddy71 - You know, I used to be able to do a blog a day standing on my head… now, it just doesn’t seem as high priority. lol

  • Wonderful morning glory!

  • i know what you mean. i used to go everyday when i started here. but now i’m just lazy. and i don’t have as much content. a couple posts a week should do it ;)

  • I’ve enjoyed seeing  you in my inbox every day, even when it was just a sentence or two. Once you get your mind wrapped around the number 40, it’s not so bad.

  • Happy Birthday?

    Cute idea about frog eggs. I sometimes buy bags of ladybugs and release them in our garden.  they don’t stay very long, but only cost $15. lol

    I try to blog daily, but they are not too exciting. lol I have thought about taking the weekend off, but not yet.


  • I love your micro and nano blogs! Just a taste and you leave us wanting more! The photo is stunning!

  • I love watching the tadpoles turn into froggies! I was a bit bummed out at turning 60, but really…. what’s the alternative? I decided “old” will always be 20 years older than I presently am. I am glad you are blogging more. Short is fine! Love the pic.

  • Well, I’m way past 50 and feeling fine! Makes me sad at how fast the years go by. Love the morning glory picture! We have some tadpoles too. 

  • Great picture, Angi. I don’t remember when I was 40. I think it was long ago. You’ll be fine even for the next 20 years.

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  • Awesome photo. Glad to have you back in Xangaland, no matter the length of the blogs!

  • Cooper and you are true lovers od nature ::


  • RYC : I assure you, Ang, with my wife I’m docile as a lamb



  • omg that picture is soooooooo prettyyy and i like wht you said

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